The Beginning of Waiting

Church at the beginning of the week makes me feel like I’m setting the right pace for my week.


Two Sunday’s ago church service was meant to set us all on pace for the next several weeks


The sermon spoke on how phones allow us to run, talk to people not with us, not interact with those right in front of us, and to avoid what’s inside of us.


Lent invites us into a space that’s uncomfortable- to strip away the distraction.


What does it mean to take that which makes us uncomfortable and to prepare for the coming of Christ?


When we speak on transformation we don’t have to wait for afterlife for Kingdon of God.


The person giving the sermon came from an Episcopalian monastery, and he spoke about the Monastic views on how evil came into this world. That it wasn’t just one person who brought it in. Then another point was made.


Only Adam and Eve and serpent expelled from garden- although the birds and trees and animals were left there. And yet, they are still among us. Perhaps it only takes a paradigm shift for us to enter the Kingdom of God even now.


I suppose it’s all appropriate for me right now, because I want everything right now. I want my house to be ready right now. I want to be settled in my career right now. I want to be selling lots of candles right now. I want my relationships and those of my friends to be settled right now.


Waiting for the good that has come to me, I believe, has made me all the more grateful for the blessings that I have received. Waiting makes us prepared for it all.


Waiting just a little longer, perhaps that it simply God’s plan.


Love to all y’all – especially those who are waiting,




Molly McWilliams Wilkins

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