The Weekend I Survived On Nothing But Birthday Party Pizza

As a parent, there are some weekends that are filled with days at home, sweetly teaching children lessons of reading and chores.


Yeah…. it doesn’t really happen at mine either. More often than not, the healthy diet that I try to adhere to gets blown clear out of the water by endless birthday parties, cake, and pizza.


I had one of those recently and while there were only actually THREE parties that weekend, it felt like a million.


Which is not a slight at all on the parents who hosted them or their kids because I was thrilled to take my kiddos around. I mean if nothing else they would end up super tired, right?


Birthday Party #1- in Gray-8-Skate. Somehow I had never known about this little gem in Jones County.




I’m now a big fan of their indoor play center because it’s fairly inexpensive to drop in, from what they told me, and this would be awesome. Especially on rainy days.



Birthday Party #2- Sky Zone. This was the party of my daughter’s boyfriend (note- she’s 7) so she was EXTRA HYPED UP AND SO WAS HER BROTHER. Read: constant assertions of “y’all have to calm down”.



Kiddos were worn slap out after all their running and jumping around.


But did it end there? Of course not. Because along with having one more party for the weekend I decided this was a GREAT time to do Mommy/kid date times.


I try to have date nights/days with my kids where they get one on one time with me. The previous weekend, my daughter had the Father/Daughter dance at The Museum of Arts and Sciences. Which left my son feeling a little left out. (We are divorced with joint custody, so that weekend he was with his dad, who got a babysitter during the dance.) So I wanted to go ahead and have out date night with him!





My sweet B and I went to Buca de Beppo and then to buy books after. He ate a little of everything, insisted on holding the doors open for me, and then picked up a load full of books- eventually falling asleep behind one that he insisted on reading in the car.


The next morning, sweet LK and I tried to go to her favorite: Dovetail, but they were closed for repairs. So we went to J.Christopher’s instead, where she decided she was happy with her waffles.




Then…. birthday party #3- Pin Strikes.


And it was actually LK’s party! Granted, nearly a month late, but when you’re busy planning parties for other people at the same venue- you can get a little behind. We ordered this amazing cake from Mary Virginia Gage, which tasted as beautiful as it looked! And we played laser tag and bumper cars and ran around and around.





It was a weekend of being hectic and running around and even though I talk mostly about my travels on this site, it’s weekends like this which give me life. I know every parent feels the same way.


Too bad my waistline doesn’t agree.



Love to all y’all,





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